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markets are running rampant. not only are they running rampant in the united states, but we have been exporting this model of free-market fundamentalism around the world. we exported it to haiti, for example. people should remember that he was a disaster before the earthquake, because, in part, the united states government imposed this free market on the island despite the will of the people, resulting in fairly dire time before the earthquake. tavis: alan greenspan is part of the reason that we were in the mess that we were in, having to do with aack of due diligence. he has addressed that. i raise that, because the man that now has that seat, ben bernanke, who we saw weeks ago, he was the man of the year in " time magazine." i have my own thoughts about that, but share for me what it means when an esteemed institution like "time magazine" says that this guy, who was around when all of this deregulation happened, this is the man that deserves to be the man of the year. what statement does that make where your work is concerned? >> it shows a we are deeply in the nile about the deeper
unit. the united states is a major contributor to the afghan reconstruction trust fund. for those of you have been concerned about the effectiveness of the donors, i would suggest that you looked at this as an example of something that has shown the effectiveness as a good instrument. i would just talk about what is new. as mentioned, until now, we have been responsible for about $7 billion in the execution of development and assistance programs -- assistance programs since january 2002. we were there a few weeks after the taliban were dispersed. this was at the end of 2001. we have another $2 billion for this year and i expect that this will go higher. one thing that we will be focusing heavily on his job creation. the major element of this -- this is agriculture. we agree on that completely and we shared a briefing with the press a few weeks ago. this is a partnership with the state department and the u.s. department of agriculture, along with the national guard units and the development teams in afghanistan. in the case of afghanistan, we're trying to support a policy for afgha
of drugs, the purchasing of drugs in the united states and western europe. until we deal with the current until we deal with the current -- the issue of consumption, we h supply. many believe that mexico is fighting the u.s. problem. drugs are still reaching the u.s. market. guest: if we don't participate, it creates a griddle next national security issue? guest: we need to participate but there are many things united states could do like to deal with the flow of arms out of most mexicans are being killed by weapons exporter from the united states. where is all the money going? why can we open a bank accounts and find out where the money from this terrible curse is actually going? host: is it your view that drug consumption has bite in the last few years? guest: very much so. we have a much wider variety of stuff that people can buy, unfortunately. host: first up is syracuse on and democrats . caller: 01 to ask about haiti and the bill clinton policy and that record -- i wanted to ask about haiti and the bill clinton policy in that regard. there's an issue about the phone company privatiz
bork for the supreme court of the united states, and september 17 when i traveled to philadelphia with the president, it was a thursday and i missed my opportunity to question judge bork. and i got that opportunity on saturday morning, and i was the only one there and had -- at least there were only a few people there and had an opportunity to question judge bork for an hour and a half. and ultimately, played a key role in the rejection of the nomination of judge bork who believed in original intent and had a very, very different view of the constitution. did not believe in due process of law. that was not part of the constitution, and he disagreed with the incorporation of the ten amendments through the due process clause to apply to the states. and that was a momentous supreme court hearing. during the years of president george h.w. bush, there were many matters of note. one that stands out was the confirmation proceeding as to justice souter, and when justice souter was up for confirmation and i participated in that as a member of the judiciary committee as i have participated
in the united states, bu we have been exportg is model of free-maet fundamentalism around the world. exrted it to hti, for example. people shod remeer that he was a disasr before the earthquake because, in part, theunited states govement imposed this free market on the island despite the will of the people, resultg in fairly dire time bere the earthquake. tas: alangreenspan is part of th reason that we were in the mess tha we were in, hang to do wi a lack of due ligence. hehas addressed that. i raise that, because the man thatow has that seat, ben bernanke, w we saw weeks ago, he was the man of the year " ti magazine." i have my own thoughts about that, but share for me what it means whenn esteemed instition like "time magazine" says thathis guy, who was around when all othis deregulation happened, this is the man that deserves be the man ofhe year. what statement does that make wheryour work is concerned? >> ithows a we are deeplyin the nile about the deeper problems regarding runninthe feand the economy. i talk in the book out how in many ways we are at the beginning of metamorphosis, w
of afghanistan and of pakistan and of course to its own job creation in the united states. >> let's take a look at things more broadly. here ware one year into president obama's term. can you tell us a littleit, what's happening in afghanistan militarily? what is going on on the ground? >> nothing. >> nothing? we're about to have a huge troop surge there though. >> i would arguehat we are stuck between two extremes. for the last eight years, we were seeing falsely in my view, that we are doing a nation building. no one can do nation building. yes, maybe state building in some ways, and now we are saying no, it will only be -- for some time they were saying there will only be a military option. president obama took a long time. we can defend that, that he took a long time to review but we cannot define inaction. this is the time to implement that policy. state building to some extent, accepting the realities involving the original powers, unless we involve the original countries. and i see some hope that there have been many political leaders and military leaders going to pakistan, hopefully in
associate broadcasters come a familiar face to c-span viewers. desert in the united states senate from 1996 to 2008 and he was on the covers committee during that time which is very much involved in telecommunications policy. our guest reporter this week, john edgerton. i want to start really so much but not communications but with supreme court decision this week. and i'm going to ask you what they're ruling on campaign finance means for your members. >> guest: well, i probably should just admit i never voted for mccain so i actually think it's a good decision for freedom of speech. ultimately you can't get on tv or radio without paying for it. broadcasters have lots of costs and production of content. and the american people rely on tv and radios and ultimately i suspect the means there will be more political advertising. but i think the best part of the ruling was full disclosure. i think the more that's disclosed, the american people can make judgment as for who is for whom and why. and an informed citizenry is the best. i think it does help in terms of retirement advertising is down. >
suits. they're on $10,000 bail. >> bugging the new orleans office of a united states senator? what in heavens name do they think they'll pick up in one of these ridiculous offices? not only in washington. >> what was libby trying to find out back in '72. you had the same reaction then. >> why would you bug the democratic national committee? they all blab their heads off to everybody in sight. it's ri di dick louse. we're hearing from david, we hope the right wing covers this. i'm sure the right wing will give this a little more coverage than the left wing gave the a.c.o.r.n. scandal. >> let me -- >> listen, i tell you, there was an office if they were going to bug, if they were going to continue with the theme they started with. david vitter, go after somebody down in louisiana who has a known problem. using phones, particularly. >> people are getting in the spirit. everybody's watching this picture of this guy with his pretend prostitute. listen to this. a conservative activist who posed as a pitch, he's also the son of a federal prosecutor from shreveport, were among four people
you paid in the united states? also, canada and mexico. i understand canadian wages are much higher. guest: i would really need to bring the manufacturing teams to talk about the wage structure. they are probably the right expert on the topic. in general, we are focused on building great cars, trucks, and crossovers. we have a number of examples where we are building some small cars in the u.s. is clearly a competitive environment out there. we are comparing the wage structure. i would say the salt salt [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> "washington journal" talked to several representtives of several car companies this morning. they are in washington, d.c.. next a look at ford motor company. put out by this restaurant, and they have given you the "don't give up the ship" award. what have you done that has led to your decision not needing government money? guest: the most important thing is we had a plan we were working on. we've got financing a bit earlier than others as well. we were able to see what was coming. i think we are proud of the fact we did not t
in the way of enforcement funds. er intoo. we have over six million employers in the united states. zero. this is going to change. all right. i want to spend the rest of the time that i have talking to you about a signature effort for and the assistant secretary. that is detention reform. there is no more serious effort underway at i.c.e. than this. it is myçó personal priority an frankly, i think it is going to mark my time and tenure as accident secretary. for the nay sayers, the conspiracy theorists, the hardened critics, mark my words this is a sustained aggressive effort to transform immigration detention. there is no going back, period. my foot is in the path. we are going to do this whether people believe me or not. . . .no carrierringconnect 1200 the warrants detained. and the and this is not about whether not we are going to detain people. we are. this is about how we detain them. why do i believe we need to reform? in a nutshell, here is why. weeded teen approximately 32,000 people a day in the united states. that translates to roughly 380,000 people a year. but right now we
? to the countries around him? >> he was a potential threat and that is what i think change in the united states after 9/11. instead of simply dealing with a threat today i think the americans became much more sensitive about potential risks because they had not seen 9/11 coming. we knew very little about afghanistan. we had very little information about afghanistan and out of apparently know where an attack on the most powerful country in the world land straight away the american administration, under pressure from the politicians i met in congress, they were not prepared to tolerate -- [talking over each other] >> whether that was from iraq or >> many other witnesses have talked about the shock effect of 9/11. this change american tolerance of risk. the question i am asking is about the actuality of the risk. weather in actuality he had been contained in a way that he wasn't able seriously to threaten his neighbors. >> the intelligence evidence was that he retained stocks of chemical and indeed biological weapons. and clearly had been prepared to use them against iran and against his own peopl
stepped up terrorist efforts by the united states. more aerial vehicle attacks on outpost in pakistan and afghanistan. that followed by the suicide attack that killed seven. >> this is a war. and both sides are playing. so the united states has upped its level of attacks. al qaeda is trying to move we can come back at you. >> reporter: british officials are recorded as saying an unusual number of people on the no fly list have been trying to come to the united states. passengers arriving at a london to dulles flight said they could definitely see the difference. >> i've traveled internationally twice in the past week and in both locations they were frisking everybody before you got on the plane. it takes a lot longer to load. and there is just a general sense that things are a little more -- there's more security than there has been in the past. >> reporter: and a former anti-terrorism official at the cia released a new report through howard university today concluding al qaeda remains committed to an attack against the united states using chemical, biological or nuclear weapons and s
's not just child's talk. that's for real. the united states of america to borrow a phrase from will rogers, the economics of america is in a deep hole. and will rogers says, what do you do when you find yourself in a deep hole? you stop digging. well, it's not so easy to stop digging. but essentially we have to find ways, this task force, over the next year, bipartisan, consensual, working together, we have to find a way to present to the congress and the president and the american people a budget. multiyear, many years, it will encompass many years. and it will provide to us a way out of this enormous, unsustainable debt. now, i want to start with one of the graphs we have up here. and if i were somebody who could tie a graph into a proposal, i'd make this graph part of our everyday life. i don't know if i'd put it on our forehead and get somebody to screw it up there or what. let me step up here and show you this one. it says debt held by the public. and the word public is not just individuals. it's countries, it's institutions that have bought debt from the united states for all united
and in the south american countries compared to what you paid in the united states? also, canada and mexico. i understand canadian wages are much higher. guest: i would really need to bring the manufacturing teams to talk about the wage structure. they are probably the right expert on the topic. in general, we are focused on building great cars, trucks, and crossovers. we have a number of examples where we are building some small cars in the u.s. is clearly a competitive environment out there. we are comparing the wage structure. i would say the manufacturing side would be the best to answer the question. host: the general manager for chevrolet. thank you. more guests coming from the washington auto show. we will speak to representatives of florida and bmw. -- ford and bmw. mike from pennsylvania. no guest right now, but do you have a comment? caller: yes, i was a longtime fan of the pontiac division. i see the discontinued and that -- they discontinued that. that upsets me a little bit. how come they cannot focus more on environmentally-friendly vehicles? host: abilene, texas. lou on the repu
know is pending in the united states senate. it's not only essential to those who are making good-faith effort to find work. but a direct spark to local economies. and the bill will help us build roads, lay tracks, upgrade water systems and more. some of the best ways to create good-paying jobs. building needed infrastructure. it is crucial to get a jobs bill to the president's desk as soon as possible and to continue to search out the most innovative ideas from economists, small businesses and communities to create jobs and strengthen the middle class. including those initiatives just laid out by the white house's middle class task force. creating jobs is priority number one. at the same time, however, we must deal effectively with our exploding debt. in the last administration fiscal denial turned a surplus into record deficits. on today's right, fiscal denial decries the deficit while pleading for more debt-financed tax cuts. meanwhile, the country is rightfully worried that washington is spending too much money. democrats get it. and we will do something about it. our country
. that is not just child's talk. that is for real. the united states of america, to borough a -- borrow a phrase from will rodgers, the economics of america is in a deep hole. will rodgers says what do you do when you find yourself in a deep hole? you stop digging. well, it is not so easy to stop digging, but we have to find ways, this task force, over the next year, bipartisan, consensual, working together. we have to find a way to present to the congress, the president and the american people a budget, multi-year, many years -- it will encompass many years, and it will provide us a way out of this enormous, unsustainableable -- unsustainable debt. if i could tie a graph into a proposal, i would make this graph part of our every day life. i don't know whether i would put it on our forehead and get somebody that is good at it and put it up there or what. butt let me step up here and show you this one. this says debt held by the public. it is not just individuals. the countries, institutions that have bought debt of the united states for united states dollars or equivalent. look at what has happened t
plotting to us weans ofass destruction against th united states. we will talk to the former senior cia officia who wrote it. >>> muslim students in lobbed co under increed scrutiny after the temptedombing of a u.s. ssenger plane on christmas day. >> and what is this? it's stand-up comedy in pakistan. >>> from theifferent perspeives of reporters and analysts from around thelobe, this is "wldfocus." major support has be provided by rosalind p. walter and th peter g. peterson foundation dedicated to promoti fiscal responsibity and addressing keeconomic challenges facing amera's future. and adtional funding is providedy the following supporters -- >>> gd evening. hk to"worldfocus." i'm daljithaliwal in w york. we start tonigh with what remains a key global suet the beginni of the 20. the economy. and in ma countries, a strule to emerge from th crippling ression. today the internation monety fund provided a worldwide snap shot of where tngs stand and where they are headed saying that the recovery is off to stronger sta than ticipated. it raised its growth forecast this year to 4% from just
the congressional budget office. in an earlier report it shows the united states will be running a $1.350 billion deficit this year. under the president's plan $447 billion in spending would be targeted. that accounts for about 17% of the total budget. the freeze is designed to save $250 billion over the next decade. and the spending crackdown would be limited to discretionary items, money for the military, homeland security and veterans programs would not be affected. this new effort to rein in spending comes as president obama and the white house redirects their attention to jobs, fiscal discipline and the economy ahead of his first state of the union speech tomorrow. in an interview with abc's diane sawyer, the president said he realizes that there may be a price to pay for making the tough decisions. >> i'd rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president. and i believe that. there's a tendency in washington to think that our job description of elected officials is to get re-elected. that's not our job description. >> talking points memo senior reporter kristina j
was amputated below the knee after she was evacuated to the united states. she's at jackson memorial hospital in miami. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> now you're obviously grateful. you have access to major medical care. how long before you'll get a prosthetic? >> it will still be a couple weeks for me. last friday the surgeons were finally able to close up the wound on my leg. so now the skin needs to heal, and the swelling needs to go down and then i can fitted for a pros r prosthetic. >> did you see what heather just showed us? >> no, i wasn't. >> larry: okay. well, it looked pretty simple. heather, what advice would you have for christa? >> she looks quite positive. i can see in her face that she's gone through a very difficult time, but i'm sure she's got a lot of love and support of her family and friends around her. the most important thing is to take care of your health and get the best kind of prosthetic that you can in america. the most important thing is not cosmetic immediately because you're residual limb will shrink as time goes on, as i'm sure you've been told. i hav
position to be in as president of the united states. tomorrow night he has to say to the american people, you made the right bet. >> i agree. coming out of that he could be like bill clinton in 1995. he could show the country he really got the message that was delivered. >> both sides need to show we've learned a lesson, when we screwed up, when we were in large we blew it. >> wait for governor mcdonald to announce the republican party and eight years of horrendousness. >>> thank you. join us tomorrow night with a preview of the state of the union. lots of information to give you before the speaks right here on msnbc. >>> right now it is time for "the ed show" with ed schultz. >>> good evening, americans, and welcome to the ed show tonight, live from the nation's capital. hitting my hot buttons tonight. the white house is making a huge deal about a spending freeze. do you really think the middle class families care about that right now? or is it a job? >>> the fake pimp who brought down a.c.o.r.n. just got busted by the fbi for trying to wiretap senator mary landrieu's office in louisian
consortium approve the drug and it is approved in the united states but-- reports they are not recommend so to things really, with you look into this personally and see what you can do and also what we'd do-- whenever that might be to make sure the inequalities in the health system largesse? >> i appreciate what you are saying. rheumatoid arthritis is a very unfortunate condition for people to have and people are looking rightly for the best years in the best treatments that is possible for it. when a new drug comes know, people want to know if it is available to them as quickly as possible so we have changed the rules, which is the organization that confirms that the drug can be given to the national health service, so that they are obliged to move forward with the drugs that are recognized as quickly as possible. .. about the future of the service that every individual has the guarantee achievement available and i think once people know these things are available to them there will be reduction as a result of that. yes? >> primm minister, david stringer from the associated press. on afgha
's more alarming to global investors, the fact that the united states is going to make some extraordinary efforts to maybe reign in spending or this chinese story? >> i suppose in terms of how each of them is going to affect economies, clearly the news coming out of china is easier to understand in that respect and i suppose that means it's easier to understand what the impact on economies is going to be. the news coming out of the u.s. is clearly important. it's more difficult to know how that's going to affect markets. there was a lot of money that flowed into asian markets in the last nine, ten months and they were looking for an excuse to have a bit of a fall. >> peter, let's get into some of your strategy. what kind of businesses should investors be looking at at the moment? >> looking at our asian funds, it's -- you know, we've noticed a couple of we've noticeded a pattern over the last few years. what we've noticed is that in 2008, stocks had very high dividend payout ratios which tend to be companies that have fairly high dividend yield, outperforming significantly. and that was r
to the growing threat that al qaeda posed to the united states and apparently failed to target sufficient resources at this threat. the intelligence reform act provides ample authority to insure the maximum availability to intelligence information within the intelligence community. intelligence regarding the threat posed by major hasan remains stovepipe at the fbi joint terrorism task force instead of being provided to the the fdepartment of defense o prevent that attack. the law directs the dni to disseminate the information that include intelligence integration capabilities. here again, the intelligence that may have allowed us to identify abdulmutallab as a terrorist remained undiscovered in many databases. disseminated, those dots were out there. there were not disseminated, but they were not connected. the law provides the secretary of state with clear authority to revoke a visa at any time at her discretion. yet abdulmutallab's these that remained valid one aborted flight 253. the state department had already decided to question him about his ties to extremists. i would asked, how c
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on terror threats to the united states. this comes days after the airing of a new tape which appears to be from osama bin laden and weeks after the failed christmas day plane bombing. britain raised its terror threat level over the weekend and passengers arriving here from the u.k. say they experienced much- tighter security measures. >> they were frisking everybody -- frisking everything before you got on the plane. it takes longer to load and there is a general sense that things are a little more, there's more security than this in the past. >> reporter: one reason british officials cited for raising their terror threat status was an unusually high number of people on no-fly lists who have been trying to board u.s.-bound flights. >>> now for the latest information on the earthquake in haiti. survivors of the quake are asking the world for tents. even the president of haiti says he will sleep in one for shelter because his palace is in ruins. he has asked the world to donate 200,000 tents. any shipments will be given priority landing at the port-au- prince airport. today marks two w
spending. the president, apparently -- the president of the united states, mr. president, apparently is going to offer in the state of the union address on wednesday the idea that we're going to the cut spending in some discretion -- and some discretionary items is about 17% of the budget. leader boehner in the house said it is like going to a pie-eating contest and now deciding you're going to go on a diet. i think it's like that family sitting around the table and trying to decide how they're going to cut their spending. instead of making meaningful cuts, it's like saying, okay, we'll cut our spending on beer and pizza. it's not enough. it's not enough. we are spending much more than we can afford to. and my three kids, and soon to be four, are not going to want to live in this country because they're not going have the same opportunity as they could in other places in the world. and shame on us if we fail our children in that way. so i stand with my colleagues, senator coburn, senator mccain, and senator enzi, in support of amendment 3303, which is an alternative to increasing thi
this country, that threatens the economic security of the united states. progressives should support that effort, as many did today, because they understand if you fail to act, social security is going broke. medicare is going broke. it is not progressive to allow those programs to fail. >> woodruff: senator greg, why is this bipartisan task force idea that the two of you were pushing, why was that the right way to go or why is it the right way to go? >> because these issues are so big, judy, that you can't address them in a partisan way. you have to have everybody at the table. everything has to be on the table-- entitlements and tax issues-- or otherwise the american people don't trust the results. the american people inherently understand if it isn't bipartisan, it probably won't be fair. we set up this task force in a manner that not only was bipartisan but also required super majorities to report. 14 of 18. so that neither side could gain the other. it required super majorities to pass it in the senate so nobody could game anybody. the results of this task force would be seen as
in the united states. mike emanuel following this live at the pentagon. what's the reason for the failing grade mike? >> reporter: well, trace, this bipartisan group is just concerned thinking the u.s. government as a whole is not prepared to respond if terrorists were to release a deadly virus or bacteria. they say if you look at the h1n1 flu outbreak the government knew the outbreak was coming and still was very slows slow in terms of getting vaccine together. we talked to the executive director of the commission and he talked about one nightmare scenario. take a listen. >> there have been some report business the department of defense that it would take decades to clean the new york city subway after an anthrax attack. can you imagine new york city with no subway? so when with looked at all those from end to end from early detection to the final cleanup and we looked at oum all of those factors there was no question in our mind to assess capability as an f. >> and you can imagine the economic impact of that kind of an attack on a place like no, sir new york or any other major city in this co
with our reporters. so stand by. other important news, the president of the united states is getting ready for his state of the union address tore night when he goes before congress, listen closely to how much applause he gets or doesn't get for his new plan to try to limit federal spending senior administration officials tell us mr. obama will call for a partial three-year spending freeze. that's just a drop in the bucket for a federal budget for more than $3 trillion. look at this. over half the federal budget goes to entitlements and other mandatory spending. those programs would not be affected like social security or defense. defense and other national security as i say would not be affected at all. that means the freeze would target about a fifth of the budget, but in the schemes of things not a huge amount of money. the president is already getting flack from both sides of the aisle. our dana bash asked senator john mccain for his reaction. you may remember that he rejected senator mccain's called for a spending freeze during the 2008 campaign. >> reporter: he said your proposal was
of the vice president of the united states, attorney general of delaware fully expected to be the democrat candidate for the united states senate today announced, i'm not running for the senate. >> greta: why? because he thinks he can win? >> clear delay is the reason. because he's losing in the polls to a very popular republican congressman, first elected to the house in 1992, governor before that for eight years, mike castle. >> greta: this is a real blow to vice president biden. it's his seat he's held it for a long time much like the so-called kennedy seat which scott brown said was the people's seat, held by the -- held by kennedy for a number of years. >> there's some conversations that biden enjoys being attorney general but not every child wants to knoll exactly in the footsteps of their -- wants to follow exactly in the foots of father or mother. i think there's a certain amount of admire -- admireable re . george w. bush and his brother jeb both thought of running for governor while their father was president. both sided not to. one, they didn't want to be running for office whil
. are these deals actually happening right now as the president of the united states is making that interview and saying that he made a mistake in not being transparent? are those deals still happening with regard to health care? you have to be on the judge on that depending on how it all plays out. >> he was also -- he went on to talk about now he's going to put himself as the champion of the middle class. he blames the huge deficit on war spending that wasn't paid for, prescription drug plan that he claims it wasn't paid for and the stimulus plan he absolutely needed so here's president obama on the prospect of raising taxes. would he go back on that pledge for those making less than $250,000? >> can you guarantee them still, there will be no taxes on anybody who makes under $250,000 a year? that will still be absolutely true? >> i can guarantee that the worst thing we could do would be to raise taxes when the economy is still this week. >> ok. so he's saying the worst thing that could happen is for them to raise taxes but when you listen to what senior advisor david axelrod said just on
in the special election in massachusetts became both senate majority leader and president of the united states. i've never seen something like that. but i like to say that only democrats would consider themselves in the minority with 59 seats in the senate and only republicans would consider themselves the majority with 41. it's a sad state of affairs. >> entitlement and the lack of experience respectively >> great thanks for coming in on the breaking news. >> any time. thanks so much. >> that's "countdown" for this the 2,461st day since the previous president declared mission accomplished in iraq. one other late bit of news. bill o'reilly's lead story tonight was again bill o'reilly. i'm keith olbermann. good night. and good luck. >>> now to discuss more on the president's state of the union and that breaking possible blanch lincoln news out of arkansas, here is rachel maddow. >> thank you. we begin with breaking news out of the white house. we have learned just this evening that president obama plans to propose a spending freeze during his state of the union address on wednesday. obama administ
, then they do about the next speech. >> the president of the united states. [applause] >> to americans, tomorrow night. this morning, congress comes out with more bad news on the deficit. even allies acknowledged the president's spending freeze would only make a dent. in washington, back to you. >> metro workers were killed this morning on the tracks. happened a few blocks from the rockville metro station. workers were installing new automatic train control systems when they were hit. one died on the scene, the other of the way to the hospital. in june, eight passengers and a train operator were killed in a crash. two other workers were killed in an accident last year. >> things to their call rather than yesterday, but we are dealing with a little disturbance rotating through giving us some stuff that is trying to make it to the ground, but it is not really happening. a light makes is going on, but the air is pretty dry out there. so maybe we will just see a light flurry this afternoon. right now, it really is not making it to the ground. bottom line, temperatures in the 40's, cooler than yester
of the tea party? >> they start by asking do you believe that barack obama is a united states citizen? do you believe that barack obama was born in america? do you believe that the constitution can allow states to separate out from individual deals on the health care plan? they're all sort of hot-button issues designed to find tape that will allow democrats to identify and marginalize republicans as being part of some sort of fringe. >> yeah. i was just going to say, if that's their plan, i would hope the republicans would take that. those are easy questions to answer, i would think, unless you are an extremist. hey, let's go to another issue right now that has to help democrats out with independent voters, mike. i'm sure it is causing a firestorm on the left. there are a lot of conservatives that say it's not really that big of a deal. but it is with independents. barack obama's expected to propose a major spending freeze to rein in the deficit, freezing 19% of the budget to so-called -- ska with me here -- the domestic discretionary spending. talk about that plan and whether he's going to f
batteries to make sure that plant is the most productive plant in the united states of america. >> reporter: the money will go toward a new facility that will build electric motors to be used in hybrid and electric cars and trucks. >> this is the first facility here in the entire country to make these electric motors. >> the expanse of this -- expansion of this plant will generate a significant influx of income and jobs in the greater baltimore area. >> reporter: allison says 200 people will be added to their staff. and the announcement ensures current employees job security. >> being a gm employee for as long as i have, this is actually new. and as they indicated, you went from having jobs that were in mexico, well, potentially in mexico, now they're coming to us here in maryland. >> reporter: the plant first went green by manufacturing hybrid transmissions. >> this is a big announcement for maryland. and potentially a big announcement for our country. because this is the next generation of electric ride motors for automobiles. >> reporter: in addition to the 200 jobs created here in in ma
and children. the vicious attacks prompted the united states to end its support for take dam. >>> turning to the "moneywatch," stocks tumbled this morning and emily smith is here with that and more. >> reporter: asian markets got hammer dad following a fifth straight day. the nikkei dropped almost 2%, while the hang seng fell nearly 2.5%. wall street put a stop to its three day slide where the dow gained 23 points, the nasdaq up 5. general motors is moving full force into the electric car business. the automaker says starting in 2013, it plans to build its own electric motors for hybrid and electric vehicles. gm do you rememberly buys them from outside suppliers. the company also announced they'll back more than $6 billion in government loans and will pay those government loans byup. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke should know by the end of the week if he still has a job. the senate appears ready to confirm him for a second term. for now he's focused on interest rates. the fed's two day policy meeting begins today. it's expected to it leave rates unchanged. >>> meanwhile home resale
's christian mission has brought children to the united states. an adoptive father himself with twins born here, now hopes to get 30 more children out. >> if all children could stay in their home country and get the basic provisions of life, food, water and a place to sleep, then they probably should. but in haiti, that's not the case. >> reporter: a heart-wrenching dilemma after the earthquake, what's best for the children? the united states is own am allowing children to be reunited with the families they were matched with before the quake happened. it's a number that's difficult to pin down because the documents are lost under the rubble. but it could mean another 200 children or so heading to america. brian? >> ron allen in port-au-prince tonight, starting us off. >>> perhaps you're among the millions who watched and donated during friday night's network all-star telethon for haiti. the broadcast raised $58 million and counting, that's a record for any single cause. people are sending a lot through a lot of different charities. but how to keep track of it all. that story tonight from lisa m
's diabetes drug victoza. there's now a 5.1 billion market for diabetes drugs in the united states. >> let's turn to our task force to analyze the markets. gary cominutesky is our guest host. richard, our guest host, gary, says there's no more money to get into stocks at all. is that right? >> i don't think so. but earnings are going to be pretty good this year. $7 is the consensus. we think it could be closer to 80. after this market pulls back and you get some of the risk adjustment and money away from the spec laters, don't forget, we've had crowded overseas trades. once that works its way out, we think you can tell have 10% upside which could be like a 15 multiple on 80 bucks in earnings. >> but everybody is not fully invested right here? >> i think there is still plenty of cash. we took money off the table in emerging markets in the last couple of weeks and i think there's decent levels around. what are you going to do in fixed income? you can't high in fixed income. the 1046 year bond was down 10% last year. rates are going to go back up and money markets are playing nothing. people
ago it really was a possibility that the whole world starting with the united states would be plunged into a second great depression. things are tough now, especially if you're part of that 10% without a job, but things are not that dreadful. the economy is starting to recover. so in terms of averting absolute crisis, which is where we were a year ago, yes, it has worked. >> in terms of jobs -- i know part of this is timing because a lot of money is kicking in this year. is it this year we see the numbers come down, and people will feel better about things? >> the recession actually ended last summer, and the recovery has been going on since then. it will continue through this summer at least. that will bring with it jobs. you have gdp growing and incomes growing, sales are going up. jobs will go up with that. those are all kind of key measures of the economy outside your window. you will have jobs growth, but i submit that it's not all because of the stimulus. i think we can point to areas where the stimulus has helped out. state and local governments, infrastructure jobs, clearly th
seriously hurt. the crisis in haiti now and representatives from the united states and other nations meeting in montreal to try to figure out how to help haiti back on its feet after that devastating earthquake almost two weeks ago now. in the short-term, donor countries are looking at ways to improve the delivery of aid. but ourselves hillary clinton also described the conference as the beginning of a conversation about haiti's long-term future. >> we're trying to do this in the correct order. you know, sometimes people have pledging conferences and pledge money they don't have any idea what they are going to do with it we actually think it's a novel idea to do the needs assessment first and then the planning and then the pledging. >> shepard: the "new york times" reports that haiti is asking for $3 billion. but today the haitian prime minister said his country is still assessing its needs and that he hasn't made a specific request for money. new word of the rescue efforts still underway at this time hour in haiti. including one that involves tunnelling beneath the rubble where americans co
on a decline since the riots of 1967, which was the largest civil disturbance in the history of the united states back when it happened. those riots really brought a lot of terrible social issues to the four, -- to the fore, there was an exodus of people. on top of that, you basically now have gm and chrysler having gone through bankruptcy, emerging quickly, but much smaller. there are a lot fewer jobs in the city of detroit there used to pay, and the city of detroit and at southeastern michigan has to find a new engine of growth. it is not clear what is going to replace this the single-legged stool. tavis: with regard your book, "crash course," to questions, what is the take away from the new booked for legislators, policymakers, and what is the take away of the book for consumers? >> for consumers, the take away a few are going to have a much more competitive, much different car market than just a few years ago. we used to talk in terms of the big three, general motors, ford, chrysler. you can wipe that turned out of your vocabulary. what we will have in the future of america is a medium
at slow and painful rhine. -- grind. >> e united states has suspended aid progr for the education ministry becau of a corruptioncandal. more than $1 million h disappearedrom the ministry. the amecan aassador accused liticians of failing to tale corruption around 600 man rights activists are marching greece to protestgainst racism and highlight the problems ithe country. the government's ss -- e gornment states that have struggled cope with the thsands of immigrants coming ievery year. the mars roverefforts to extricate it have failed. it wl live out its remainin days a a stable statio the new comedy, "four lions," cuses a group of british suicide bombers in training. the directors a satirist, chris mois. this past programs have cented fear of failure a the dire consequences of drugs. a h topic omain street, the scening of "four lions here was simply, th story is a farce, young asian -- lionlion" simply, thestory is a farce. four young asianstraining to become suicide bombers. >> you will get nicked. >> by e time that go in? collects four btles of bleach, please >> that is a woman's --
will reopen anytime soon. >> united states has suspended aid program for kenya because of the corruption scandal -- because of a corruption scandal. the american ambassador to kenya accused politicians for failing to tackle corruption. people have been marching in greece to protest against racism and to highlight the problems immigrants face. they are looking to improve conditions, but they admit they struggle to cope with the thousands entering the country each year. nasa has admitted defeat. it got stuck in soft soil last may, the rover, and all efforts to get it out have failed. it will now live out its remaining days as a statin station -- as a static station. there is a new movie that has had a world premiere. chris morriss involved. >> it was a hot ticket. the first screening of the movie. put simply, the film is a farce, the story of a ragtag group of young asian men. initially, their target is a mosque. training the group is an islamic converts who is not impressed by the efforts one of his men has made to obtain an explosive ingredients. >> you will get us nicked. >> i use diffe
change your life. watch the "700 club". ♪ ♪ ♪ [male announcer] to the men and women of the united states armed forces, the uso delivers the joys and comforts of home. even out here. find out how you can help at uso.org the uso. until every one comes home. ♪ getting a closeup in a new documentary called "floored." it focuses on the shift from scrappy trading in the pits to sophisticated trading by clips. >> the biggest pits in the world are here in chicago. it's a very competitive environment. the guy lost his cool, and bit the guy in the nose. >> it's the tough, brawling side of trading rarely openly talked about until now. we caught up to director james allen smith, recently in chicago, promoting the documentary. he first started working on "floored" in 2006. >> we learned along the way, and spent more time and money than we ever thought we would. >> how much money, he won't say, although in the documentary, money plays a lead, featuring the gripping moments where traders risk it all, win or lose. >> the feeling of despair where oh, my god, i've lost everything, hug my kids, that kind
to the website, the united states is coordinating all those things you mentioned at the request of the haitian government. so i guess the answer is one country, and a whole lot of different people. meantime, mcginty's mailbag could use input from a lot of different people. the e-mail is mailbag@wusa9.com. i'll be back at 11:00. wusa9.com is always on. we'll see you later. bye-bye. going out to dinner no longer fit into our budget. and so we started having these pizza parties on friday night. i learned how to make pizza dough. and we'd have friends come to our house. we know saving money is important. shop with your giant card and you can enjoy thousands of weekly specials and real deal savings, like top or bottom round roast, half-price, and progresso traditional soups, 5 for $6. this week only. when i look at my receipt and it says, "you saved $26," that works for me. only with your giant card. shop your way rewards card. earn and spend unlimited rewards on qualifying... products when you shop at kmart and sears stores. plus, chances to win k'ching surprises at kmart checkout. for the most re
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